Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank You Detroit Red Wings.

Once again, we Red Wings fans have been blessed with a great year of hockey. True, it ended sadly, but I'd say it was a good year. A learning experience for our young guys. Losing is the best teacher, right? Look at the Pens this year vs last year. Rather than dwelling on the failure of two games, I'm using this post to look back on the good times of this year. Remember having the banner raised during the home opener? And the Winter Classic? I know I always will. It was great to see the Wings and the Hawks playing outside in the cold. Didn't hurt that the Wings won big despite trailing 3-1 after the first period. Remember Datsyuk and Lidstrom getting suspended for missing the All-Star game because of an injury? That really seemed lame to me, but I guess rules are rules (unless you're Malkin lol). Also, who can forget how Ozzie played in the regular season vs how he played in the playoffs? I really felt that we'd be lucky to get by the first round with the way he had been playing. He went from the worst goalie in the league, statistically, to a playoff MVP candidate. I love being wrong, sometimes.

Thanks for putting on one heck of a show, Red Wings. What a season it was.

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