Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to our world...

So I hear the World Cup has some crappy refs. Sorry to hear that. Well, I've taken the time to piece together some examples of why we feel your pain. Since this is a Red Wings blog, the pieces are numerous. I'll give a brief explanation if one is needed, but basically, these are perfectly clean goals being waived off because the ref either claimed to have lost sight of the puck for a short time, or because of phantom interference.

The most famous disallowed goal would be Hossa's goal in Game 3 of the second round of the playoffs. Rather than tying the game and having a shot at OT, the Wings lost and it took 7 games to beat the ducks rather than possibly 5. A lot of injuries occurred in those extra two games against the thuggish Ducks.

Another important playoff goal:

And here's one from the Stanley Cup Finals:

Important thing to remember is the ref is claiming that the goalie was unable to make a save because the Red Wings was hanging all over them. Being in the crease is legal. Touching the goalie is legal. Knocking the goalie over is not legal, nor did it happen.

Note how even the impartial announcers say it's a bad call:

Whether this one is legal or not, you gotta love the crowd's reaction. It's obvious how tired Red Wings fans are of goals being called back:

This one still has Red Wings fans pulling our hair out:

And here's Babbles' post game reaction:

Now, sometimes controversial goals count. Like when the puck goes in even though it had just gone out of play or was clearly, CLEARLY batted in with the player's glove. But those goals occurred against the Wings. What was the reaction in the NHL War Room in Toronto after those goals were scored?

Thought so.

We feel your pain, World Cup fans. But if these clips are any indicator, instant replay will not solve your problems. Stupidity and corruption trump logic. Sorry.