Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hossa drama and the pressure it's put on him

After the clock wound down to 0:00, I was left with my head flooded with emotions.

That WAS a great game and my team was in it until the end, so I had a little tiny amount of pride welling up inside. We were still only one win away from repeating and that was worth being happy over... then again, Crosby is one win away from getting his meat hooks on the Cup and it would be in OUR building if he does. I felt more bad feelings than good, but I was ticked when I thought about Hossa. I have defended his low point totals and lack of hustle for the last two months. I'd talk about how he was still creating chances, how when the game was close, he would skate hard (usually) and how he's still good in his own end. Well, Detroit didn't give him $7.5 million to create chances and poke-check the puck on the other end of the ice. He's here to score goals. Remember last year? He and Crosby were all Pittsburgh really had for offense. I think the issue is simple. He has finally cracked under the pressure of facing the team he left. It's been like the story line of a crappy teenage love story where the jock rejects the average looking girl for the really hot, yet stuck up, cheerleader, only to later find that when the average girl takes off her glasses and unties her hair, she's the hottest girl in school! Oh no! The jock chose wrong and the average looking girl wins!

Calm down, Marian. You still have one more chance to prove just how ugly that chick really is...

Now, let me take a minute to explain how dumb the media, the penguins and possibly even Hossa actually are if I'm right and it's all been the pressure I described. First of all, let's say Hossa stays in Pittsburgh. Now you have $7 million a year for multiple years going towards Hossa, you're closer to the cap and you still have to sign Malkin and Fleury. No room left for Fedetenko, Guerin or Satan. Odds are, Malkin is gone for peanuts. Peanuts, for the guy who has scored more points in these playoffs than anyone, by far. Maybe Malkin stays, but now Staal has to go. There goes whatever depth Pittsburgh thought they had. Probably can't afford Fleury now so who's your goalie going to be? Point is, if Hossa stays, Pittsburgh probably does not make the playoffs. Certainly does not go far if they do. His signing made both teams better. Even if Detroit loses game 7, Hossa chose right. I just hope he remembers that on Friday.

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