Thursday, June 11, 2009

Game 6 recap and what's next for game 7

I can't even express how badly I wanted to be writing about a Stanley Cup victory right now. All the anti-Bettman, anti-Penguins photo shop ideas I have, all the below-the-belt one-liners I had been hoping to use... stuffed back into the box from which they came to be shipped back to Detroit for a game 7. (See what I did there? lol) No point in dwelling on it though.

Let's look at what I said the Wings needed to do to win and see what they actually did:

Stay out of the box. Yup, can't complain there. Only short handed twice and both were killed off with no problem. The Wings did a good job clearing pucks and Ozzie was there when we needed him.

Score on the power play. Nope, 0-2 ourselves with some real close calls. In the end, I'm encouraged because the PK looked good and the PP did also, despite the goose egg. I would be unhappy if neither looked good.

Score a garbage goal or two. Not really. Draper's goal looked pretty good to me. Off a rebound but Fleury really had no chance on it. I was hoping for something along the lines of Fleury knocking the puck in himself like he's been prone to do from time to time. He was good though. No garbage goals.

Match the Pen's energy, performance in net and let your depth take over. NOPE, yes and kind of. Being out shot infinity to 3 in the first period of a cup clinching game is just so sad. Yes, Ozzie was great and gave us a chance to win. And our depth got us on the board, but theirs gave them the win.

OK, Mr. Smarty Pants, what do you suggest they do now? Honestly, same keys to victory apply here. Now behold as I copy and paste like I've done this before:

1. Stay out of the box. The easiest penalty to kill off is the one you don't commit. Then when you do get short handed, kill it off like it's overtime!

2. Score on the power play.

3. Score a garbage goal or two to try and rattle Fleury.

4. Match Pittsburgh's energy. Match their performance in net. Let your depth take over.

If Detroit does these things, they can survive the onslaught of chances Pittsburgh is sure to have.

Good luck, Wings.

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