Friday, June 19, 2009

2008-09 NHL Awards

Hart Trophy: Alex Ovechkin won it this year over Evgeni Malkin and Pavel Datsyuk. Since Ovie is my favorite player that's not on the Red Wings, I can appreciate him winning it. I guess I just wonder what the award is all about? It's the NHL's MVP, but it tends to go to a guy who either leads in goals or assists or both. Thing is, there's already a couple of awards for that. The Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy goes to the player with the most goals and the Lester B Pearson goes to the player with the most points. So... why did Ovie get the Hart when he's kind of one-dimensional? Well, it goes to "the player adjudged to be the most valuable to his team." Clearly, the Washington Capitals would be trash without him, so based on that criteria, the NHL chose right. Sadly, Datsyuk is the more complete player between the 3 and probably the best player in all of hockey right now, but since the Red Wings can still win without him, he doesn't see to fit the bill. haha. Anyways, congrats, Ovie. Now ditch the Caps and sign with the Red Wings!

James Norris Trophy: League's best defenseman in 2009 was Zdeno Chara. No complaints here. As a Wings fan, I say it's Nick Lidstrom, of course, but Chara was due. Ultimately, I'm just glad it didn't go to Mike Green from Washington because, #1, he's all offense and no defense and #2, he was TERRIBLE in the playoffs whereas, Lidstrom and Chara stepped it up a notch. So, Congrats, Chara. Enjoy it while you got it, because I don't see Nick having another "off year".

Frank J. Selke Trophy: Once again, the leagues best defensive forward was Pavel Datsyuk. Awarded to a forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game. Based on that phrase, it doesn't seem to suggest that the player has to have offensive finish to win it, but most of the winners tend to be able to score. Really, I don't even recall the finalists because I knew it was going to Pavel. Unless another forward steps it up quite a few notches, it'll be a few more years until Datsyuk has more Selke Trophy's than anyone else. (Bob Gainey has 4)

Vezina Trophy: Tim Thomas was the best goalie in the NHL this year. Good for him. Yet another of my favorite non-Red Wings. I mean, the guy hunts bears! Kind of strange since he plays for the Bruins... but whatever, congrats to you, Tim Thomas!

Calder Trophy: This years rookie of the year went to Steve Mason. No one was shocked there. He could have easily won the Vezina, but a Calder trophy is nothing to scoff at. Congrats to you, Steve Mason. Now, I know you'll be playing the Wings a lot this year with you being in the Central and all with the Blue Jackets, but I wish you nothing but the best. Really, I think you're a great goalie! So good, you don't even need to warm up or stretch before games. Try it when you play the Wings next! And don't hold back on those kick saves. I'm sure your groin can handle it...

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy: Went to Steve Sullivan this season for overcoming a fragmented disc in his back that sidelined him for nearly 2 years. The trophy can only be awarded once. One of the other finalists was Chris Chelios... again. He keeps being nominated because of his age, basically. It is pretty amazing that he's still going, but hard to pass up Sullivan after he missed so much time. Congrats to you, Steve Sullivan.

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