Monday, December 14, 2009

Wings 3, Puppies 2

A regulation win. Ericsson got hurt early in this one and it didn't look good. Still, Newbury with his first as a Red Wing, Meech with the game winner and is it just me or did Eaves look a bit like Brett Hull out there? He scored 20 before...

Just sayin.

PK was good. I love seeing hustle and blocked shots on the PK.

PP was good. Even though the Wings didn't score, they had pressure and chances. In the long run, I'd rather they go 0-4 and look good doing it, than go 1-4 because of a lucky bounce after playing uninspired.

Jimmy Howard was good. I'm starting to like him as a goalie.

Notice a theme? It was a good game. Not great, but good enough to get the job done. Now let's just hope for a miracle so we can have Ericsson in the lineup.

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