Thursday, February 18, 2010

Screw you, NBC and VS

I've pretty much hit the end of my rope. "But Twig, the NHL is on a break. What happened that set you off?" I'll tell you: The NHL is on a break, but the agenda is not.

"Rafalski shoots, he scores! Brian Rafalski, who of course plays for the Detroit Red Wings who lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals last year..."

Was it absolutely 100% necessary to remind us all what happened last year? Believe me, I will never forget. If that cup was removed from the record books and mentioning it was punishable by death, I would still see that little punk with his meat hooks on our cup on our ice cheesing for the camera like he FINALLY got a date for the prom. Screw you, Rosby.

I know why you do it. You want to inform all the hockey fans that quit watching because the Red Wings domination made hockey boring. You want them to know that it's OK to be a fan again because the great red beast has been vanquished! Screw you, NBC. Don't forget, all they did was even the score.

Or maybe it's because Little Gary insisted that you stick to your scripts? All things Pittsburgh, amazing. All things Red Wings, old, slow, sad, broken, uninspired and pathetic. Close? Tin Foil Hat? Already planted securely on the top of my head.

VS! Screw you, too! That game against St. Louis... You know it. We know it. Biased. The best way to describe what we were watching was FS Midwest. I can handle watching other teams announcers. I expect them to be biased. What I can't stand is when you sorry morons pretend to be impartial. Just say it from the beginning. "Folks, we're supposed to be impartial, but if you're a fan of the Detroit Red Wings and the vast majority of you watching probably are, you're not going to be happy tonight because we're going to trash your team every chance we get."

Hey Gary! Want to actually make some money with this "league" and get some people interested in the sport? Sign on with a network that does NOT have Pierre McGuire on their payroll. That "man" can not let go when he falls for someone. Big save by a young goalie? He starts to get all hot and bothered. Great pass by a rookie? Goosebumps.

Chris from NOHS said it pretty good today when he said that he used to look forward to games on network TV. I remember those days too. I remember thinking "So many people are watching this game and seeing such great hockey for the first time all year and here I get to see this all the time!" Kind of like being the first kid to play the latest Nintendo game (Yup, I'm an 80's kid) and all your friends at school are jealous. It was the same feeling for me. Now? Dread. Why? I'm embarrassed. And it's not because they're struggling. Heck, most of the games they have played on VS and NBC have been great games even though they tend to lose them. It's because I have to listen to you douche bags tell me what you think of my heroes. Well, screw you!

NBC and VS, you are hereby boycotted. Oh, I'm gonna watch. I'm just gonna use some sort of feed online or the radio. I will also be boycotting all of your sponsors, unless one of them happens to be Kellogg's or something else Michigan related. Don't like Kellogg's? Well, screw you!

Little Gary is ruining hockey and you're helping. You have gone too far.

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