Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome Back, Jason

OK Wings fans, like it or not, Jason Williams is back. Why having a 28 year old potential 20 goal scorer on your team is so terrible I may never know, but he's ours. I know, he said something disrespectful about coach Babs once or twice. Sure, he took a bad penalty or two in his day. Fact is, he is young and he can score. The real reason he's on the team? He's a right handed shot. Since Sammy left for the Canucks, we were left with one righty on the power play. You really need two. Having a lefty play the left point on a power play reduces the threat of the entire left side of the ice. It all but eliminates the one-timer, giving defenders and the goaltender the ability to cheat to the right side, knowing they will have an extra second to get across in the event of a cross-ice pass. Sammy was less than perfect on the point, but he forced the PK to respect his half of the ice due to the threat of the one-timer.

Williams has manned the point before, so he has the experience. He has the right handed shot. He just has what it takes.

Sometimes, sports fans remind me of hungry kids. They know they want to eat, but when mom offers PB&J, they throw a fit because that's not what they wanted! Sorry, Jonny, but all we have is PB&J. Sure, it would be great if we could order pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it just doesn't work that way. It's this, or nothing.

Not everyone is Nick Lidstrom. Not everyone is Pavel Datsyuk. Welcome to the world of the salary cap.

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  1. Your thoughts and perspective are very good. I didn't care about Jason but after reading your article, I now care about Jason. That's skill.