Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, what could have been...

This time last year, Canadians were mourning the loss of their second national anthem. 'The Hockey Theme' was the intro to Hockey Night in Canada for 40 years, but CBC's license for the song expired and negotiations for a new license failed. So, there was a contest to come up with a new song, with the winner being 'Canadian Gold'.

Now, I loved that old song and insist that it be played at my funeral to a string of photos and videos of my life, but honestly, Canadian Gold is way better.

Of course, there were other possibilities, many of them humorous. Since I like a good joke, here are my top 5 Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song Rejects:

"Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends! Come on in, it's time to party with Hockey Night in Canada."

That one made it in just for taking me back to the 80's.

Do the Mario! Just like that!

This one could easily have been first because I really like the song, but you'll see why it's only second...

I was browsing YouTube to kill some time when I decided to look up the old Hockey Night in Canada theme and maybe recall some of the finalists from last years contest when I found 'Potential New Theme #6'. I played it, expecting to hear some sort of symphony. I just about spewed pop all over my screen when I heard 'Hello Canada and hockey fans from the United States and Newfoundland... TROGDOOOOR!!!' It's also very epic to watch hockey highlights to the lyrics 'Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants!'

That video was the inspiration for my post today. There were quite a few others on YouTube, including a Full House version. Search 'hockey night in canada - potential new theme' for the rest.

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