Friday, July 3, 2009

Red Wings Signing Update and Free Agent Tracker

Mikael Samuelsson signed with the Vancouver Canucks for $7.5 million over 3 years, today. He was really streaky and prone to turn the puck over. The only thing he added, other than depth, was his right-handed shot on the power play. If he was a lefty, he wouldn't have been anywhere near the power play. Then again, I can remember him scoring a few big goals. However, Detroit doesn't spend 2.5 a year for a few big goals. Good luck to him in Vancouver. Now I'll be interested in seeing if the Wings go with two lefties on the point with their second power play unit, or do they try to sign someone just for that purpose? I'm guessing two lefties. That will cripple the power play somewhat, but nothing severe.

Sammy's signing in Vancouver also gives the Red Wings just that much more cap space to sign Hudler, who was the higher priority anyways, in my opinion. Hudler could very well become a 30 goal scorer even though he plays on the third line.

Here's a Free Agent Tracker from ESPN. Quite handy.

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