Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minor League Jerseys Gone Wrong II

I would love to say that I had such a huge response over the last set of Minor League Jerseys Gone Wrong that I had to do another one, but I'd be a liar since my 'readers' tend to consist of immediate family with nothing better to do. Besides, it's the middle of July and there's not much else to write about. So here is yet another collection of jerseys that prove that maybe, just maybe, Capitalism doesn't ALWAYS work.

This is amazing to me. The Muskegon Lumberjacks (then the Fury) had pink ice for valentines day before but, having been raised in Michigan, I know that yellow snow is a bad thing. Yellow ice is no different! This is what happens when McDonald's sponsors your local team. This was just a one time thing, thankfully, but I hope that the McDonald's in that area were boycotted.

Speaking of Valentines Day:

How intimidating it must be to square off with a toothless guy in pink and hearts. This is the type of jersey I'd expect to see if San Fransisco had a hockey team. At least the second one left out the pink. Still, I hope Hallmark is happy.
Welcome to da hockey game, mon! Who are the five best hockey players of all time? Think about it... Dylan. Dylan. Dylan, Dylan and Dylan because I shoot hot fire!

Even the Refs aren't safe. I'm guessing this is Amsterdam? Kidding!
Finally, if anyone suddenly found that their tablecloth had gone missing:

Look no further than the Milwaukee Admirals. I actually like these, but not on players during an actual game. Was this "Country Kitchen Night" or "Salvation Army Appreciation Night"? I think I would buy one if it was in red, blue or green so it was more of a flannel jersey, but I still hate to see things like this worn by Pros.

Know of a jersey I should mention next time? Let me know in a comment and I'll put it in with the next batch.

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